Doing business in this country is for many a risk, but also an act of freedom. Our job is to reduce the risks for our client, making sure that he overcomes the bad situations, so that he, his family and his business can breathe the air of creative freedom.

  1. Keeping of Aplographic Books
  2. Maintenance of Diploma Books of Individual/ OE/ EE/ I.KE/ Ltd./ S.A.
  3. Keeping books of Associations/ M.K.O./ Co.S.Ep
  4. Accounting supervision at the headquarters of each company
  5. Internal Audit of Accounts-Evaluation
  6. Support services for inclusion in subsidized programs: ESPA/ OAED/ TEPIX

  1. Payroll
  2. Payroll Budget
  3. OAED Program Implementation Support
  4. Labour legislation
  5. Payroll Consulting Services
  6. Insurance-Pensions

  1. Company Foundation
  2. Establishment of a Limited Company (S.A.)
  3. Establishment of a Private Capital Company (P.E.C.)
  4. Establishment of a Limited Liability Company (L.E. – L.E.)
  5.  Establishment of a Limited Liability Company (E.P.E.)
  6. Starting a Sole Proprietorship
  7. Consortium
  8. Association - Union
  9. Comm. Sep
  10. Establishment of a Branch of a Foreign Company in Greece

  1. Solutions - Mergers of companies
  2. Late business holidays

  1. Consultant Services
  2. Business Start Up Coffee

  1. Taxes related issues
  2. Insurance - Pensions
  3. Real Estate Tax issues obligations
  4. Support for Foreign Residents

If you own any asset in Greece, such as a car, land, plot of land, residence (even with a percentage of ownership) it is enough to have a tax declaration obligation. Tax obligations are distinguished by the type of your property (real estate, income) and are divided into regular and extraordinary.



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